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Tapeswitch have been designing/manufacturing and supplying a range of safety edges, safety mats, switches and sensors including the ever-popular Guardscan range of light curtains for a large range of industrial and manufacturing applications for over 50 years.

Our accreditation to the manufacturing standard BS EN 9001:2008 for quality ensures proven reliability and longevity of all our products and gives peace of mind when used in the most critical applications, anything from machinery protection to time/energy saving devices to applications preventing injury to personnel.

As always Tapeswitch have a keen focus on safety standards and with the introduction of the new European Machinery Directive EN-13489 we can provide quality products at competitive prices that meet the required standards.

Ribbon Switch Technology - Flexible, Versatile and Reliable

Tapeswitch Ribbon Switches are the essence of simplicity with a 'Press At Any Point' touch or squeeze they give you the reliability that you require, they are versatile and flexible and can be bent or curved around corners.