Guardscan Light Curtain Accessories Datasheets

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Adjustable Brackets Datasheet

Technical specification of the Tapeswitch Adjustable Light Curtain Brackets.

Beam Blanking Overview

Overview of Beam Blanking with the BPU unit for use with the GS140 Light Curtain.

Blueview Alignment System

A technical specification for the Tapeswitch Blueview Alignment System to aid the installation of Guardscan Light Curtains.

Light Curtain Clamp Brackets

A technical specification for Clamp Brackets for use with Guardscan Light Curtains.

Endcap Mounting Bracket

Technical specification for the Endcap Mounting Bracket for use with Guardscan Light Curtains.

Floor Posts

Technical Specification for our Floor Posts specifically designed for use with Guardscan Light Curtains and Mirrors

LA-SE Alignment Tool

Tecnical specification for the Guardscan Laser Alignment Tool specifically designed to aid the installation of our Light Curtains.

Mirror Columns

Technical specification for Guardscan Mirror Columns to create more complex Light Curtain Systems.