Guardscan GS120 - Category 3 Light Curtain

Tapeswitch Ltd announces the launch of the latest addition to its Guardscan range of safety light curtains. The NEW GS120 range of light curtains offers a cost-effective alternative for category 3 situations, as defined by EN954-1, where the advanced capabilities of the company's B Series light curtain system are not required.

The redundant category 3 outputs make the NEW GS120 light curtain system easier to interface than a category 2 system, which needs an automatic periodic test and evaluation to ensure its safety integrity. The GS120 light curtain is available with cross-monitored PNP outputs or AS Interface-compatible, volt-free, solid-state relay outputs. This makes the GS120 light curtain range suitable for almost any interface.

In addition to the standard LED displays, the Guardscan GS120 light curtain system has an optional alphanumeric diagnostic display. This diagnostic display gives information about the operating mode, output status, obstructed beam, etc. but also extremely useful identification of external faults like outputs short-circuited to the supply.