"Quick Connect" System for CKP Safety Mats

Tapeswitch Ltd are pleased to announce that their CKP/S1 Safety Mats can now be supplied factory fitted with the industry-standard M8 connector system.

This additional option provides a "quick connect" system for our CKP/S1 Safety Mats providing for rapid installation or re-organisation of the CKP/S1 Safety Mat System. This is of particular benefit to high-volume manufacturers for whom it is vitally important that downtime is minimised.

The M8 connection is made within 300mm of the safety mat and this can be protected inside Tapeswitch's AE13 aluminium ramped edging strip. Tapeswitch CKP/S1 Safety Mats can be supplied with either a single cable terminated with the M8 connector, this option is usual when there is only a single mat used, or two cables both terminated with M8 connectors so that a number of mats can be "daisy chained" together to cover a large area.